Saturday, February 11, 2006

Helping "Mamma"

California Dreamin'

My pal and neighbor Michelle Phillips ( Mammas and Pappas) and I stood in the middle of our street. It was a seen from Desperate Housewives. Maybe it was Desperate Singles. Michell was in curlers. I was in I-Need-Coffee-Now yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt. We were there struggling to get the back of her shirt cinched up for some big reading. I'm standing there thinking about all the neigbors I had growing up on the farm in Bucyrus.

It's a long way from Kansas.

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Anonymous said...

I live about 7 miles from Bucyrus, Kansas, childhood home of Elizabeth Marder, and no one here, walks outside in curlers, mostly because no on here wears curlers, especially because there are no women in Bucyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!