Tuesday, June 08, 2010

No Woman Is an Island: Rethinking Autonomy in Relationships

What a wonderful road map for driving solo or with a partner.

There really is no way you can fail if you befriend yourself and share that friendship with another.

"We're friends with each other. We hold hands through the easy-breezy days and hug through the rough ones. We talk through the fights. We let go of grudges. We keep each other safe. We listen, we talk. We check in every day. We take care of each other so that we can take on another day in this insane, confusing world. We don't stop being individuals to be an "us," but we take care of the "us" and in turn, become stronger and better individuals."

Thank you for such a wonderful post!

Eli Davidson
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Could I Grow My Business?

How do you grow your business? How do you make things happen without losing your feminine power? Here is what a client says about her coaching experience.

"I met Eli during a very difficult time in my career. A week after starting my work with Eli I was released from my job. Yet, it was when everything got BETTER! Working with her facilitated the motivation and courage to step into a dream I had secretly had for years. I wanted to own my own business. Six months later I own my own profitable design business. This was something I thought was impossible when I started coaching.

She gave me a system to market myself inside and out. The results speak for themselves.

With in a week of opening my business I booked my first client at a fortune 500 Company. Within one month I had so much business that I added additional designers.

Eli sees the potential in people so clearly. Then she helps you ground that potential with practical action steps. The love and support I felt from Eli is priceless. The learning is life-long."

I highly recommend coaching with Eli and allowing yourself to be as great as you are.

Carrie Henkle

CEO Flow Design

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Unplugging and Recharging Will Help You Make More Money

As a speaker and executive coach, I see the real life examples of your column on a weekly basis. When peak performers take the time to replenish themselves making significantly more money is the consistent outcome. One of my current clients doubled her income in under six months using that formula. Brava!!! Another great column.

Much Love,

Eli Davidson

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Positive Thinking: Use the Best Within You to Form Your Sense of Self

A top executive that still thinks he is 'not good at follow up' 10 years after the fact is a great example of how many of us focus on our flaws not our fabulous.

As an executive coach to successful women, I find that most of them have a tendency to focus on where they have room to improve rather than savoring their success. Thank you for sharing your brilliance yet again!

Eli Davidson
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Dearest Cara,

Say thank you first. Just like the concept of eating dessert first.

There is a tool for a happy life: thank you to yourself and others first.

Brilliant as always.

The active stillness of art, gardening or communion with nature, and meditation (which is very active to me) are also huge keys in being gentle with ourselves. I find the same experience with painting. It is an experience of finding that my 'mistakes' lead me to something far better than I had planned. What a great analogy for life!

I adore YOU,

About The Balanced Life
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Help For Lindsay Lohan To Get Out of Debt....It Will Work For You Too

After losing my marriage, business and health I had $88,000 of corporate credit card debt from my business (which seemed like $600,000 at the time.) Here are some tools that will help you and anyone out there get out of credit card debt. These tools worked for me, and millions like me. They can work for you.

1. Don't Go This Alone

Lindsay, you are not alone. Studies show that currently 58 million Americans are not paying their bills on time. Get caring support as you reinvent your habits. ( No, Dr. Pinsky wouldn't be on my list either.) Yes, you are going to need to change your habits. It isn't easy. My prayer for you is that you have someone that sees your great good that goes beyond your current behavior.

2. Use Paper Power

You aren't going to like this one...but it works.
Simply, switch from plastic to paper money. A study from NYU and the University of Maryland found that when consumers switch from credit cards to cash and they automatically 30 % spend less. These studies show there's a gut reaction that's absent when we pay with plastic. That's the reason you trade your money for poker chips (plastic!) in Las Vegas. Credit cards use this fact to their advantage.

3. Get A Grip
You aren't going to like this one either.
Make a budget. Put the cash for each budget category into envelopes. Food, gas, entertainment, clothes, shoes etc. I did this. It is very simple and it works. From my own personal experience once you get down to the copper money (they are called pennies in case you forgot) in an envelope you are highly motivated to get out there and make some money. Highly motivated.

4. Pick Up the Phone
Before a large expense, ask for a discount. Sure, you are Lindsay Lohan, but I know that this tip works for the rest of us. One LA consumer got her dentist visit cut for a crown from $850 to $550 by simply calling and explaining her circumstances and asking for a discount for being a long term customer. I've heard of lots of people asking for reductions on the rent they pay...and getting it. Give your landlord a call...and let me know.

5. Ask For Help

If you are in over your head in debt you can get help. Credit Counseling will help you with your budget and lower your interest rates. My bet is that Credit Counseling companies are call you right now. Lindsay, listen up...because this is a very hidden fact.

Most consumers aren't aware that these credit counseling "non-profits" are actually funded by the credit card companies. They are not working for you...they are working for the credit card companies. I used a debt settlement company that cut my credit card debt in half. Having my debt cut in half helped me to avoid bankruptcy and give me the dignity to pay off the debt my start up business had created. Get educated and see what is the best fit for you.I am here to help you. If this worked for me, it can work for you.

Are you struggling under credit card debt? I want to hear your story.

I also what to help you find the best solution for you.
The Today Show "Reinvention Expert" shares her system to get out of debt using her "Turnaround Techniques." system with other consumers to get out of debt- for good.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are We Becoming a Nation of Intolerance?

What an important post. We live in the UNITED States of America. Our vast diversity that gives

our nation it's important foundation. At our core we are a nation of finding the good and great in each citizen. Perhaps we haven't lived up to these high ideals- but tolerance and seeing the possibility is what will power us into a more abundant future.

Eli Davidson
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