Friday, February 17, 2006

Home Based Business Stress Tip--Pets Reduce Your Workplace Stress

Here is my boss.
Cleopatra Jones. Like always she is hard at work.
If you have a home based business, you could take advantage of a great stress managment tool.

I pearch on the front of my chair as to not disturb her highness.

Right now, she is sitting next to my computer screen.

She wants to make sure that I give her view the right kind of spin.

Studies show that pet's are great stress relievers.


DIVA KITTY said...

I am the boss. Meow.

Michael said...

My two bosses do the exact same thing.

Since there are two of them now, they take turns, and occasionally fight over who gets to dominate me when.

However, the other stresses in my life are greatly reduced.