Thursday, February 23, 2006

LIfe Coach Tip-- The Puritan Work Ethic

I was talking with one of my 2x2x4 clients this morning.
2x2x4: Make 2 Times the Money in Half the Time and 4 Times the Fun
Her successful internet company has been in business for 8 years. She didn’t believe that she could double her income so easily.

In six months of my coaching program she double her income.

Here’s the problem. Getting her to take time off is a challenge. She has a strong Midwestern Puritan Work Ethic. A shopping trip to Goodwill seemed to be a great place celebrate her success. Not! You need to demonstrate to yourself that you are worth your time and energy. If you don't you may find yourself sabatoging your own success.

Acknowledgment is a key component of completing any action. If you have a success great or small, appreciate your self. Tell yourself that you did a good job. It will give you the energy to do other projects.

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