Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Life Coach Tip-- Spend Time With Experts

Here at Paula Silver's fabulous birthday party.

Three of the most amazing and creative women in Hollyood.

Allee Willis a composer of Color Purple on Broadway and a gazillion other hits. www.alleewillis.com She has the most rocking of websites. And if that's not enough go see Bubble the Artist. You will smile for the rest of the day. www.bubblestheartist.com

The Birthday Vixen, Paula Silver, is the marketing genius behind a wee little movie called, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and so many others. Paula is a woman who stands tall for women. www.paulasilver.com She is Brilliant with a Capital B.

Prudence Fenton, the humble genius behind so many hits that she has an entire table with Grammmy's, Emmy's, MTV Awards and a Clio. www.prudencefenton.com. She is also an amazing artist. Can't wait to come to your next art show!

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