Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stress Tip- Doing Two Things At Once Can Be A Recipe For DISASTER

This afternoon I was in a fender bender.

I was sitting behind a car at a red light. The car in front of me began to back up. I started HONK, HONK, HONKING so the car would stop. No way Jose.
The driver backed right into me. CRUNCH.

Was she on her cell phone? What do you think?

What a lesson in not doing two things at once.

Recently, I got to spend time with my dear friends Rick and Richard who are the marketing guru's for my friend David Allen.
David is one of the world's most influential thinkers about productivity. If you haven't gotten his book Getting Things Done, you owe it to yourself to trot out and buy a copy.

Here's the deal. Multi-tasking puts you under more stress than staying present and doing one thing at a time.

Think about that while you make dinner, return phone calls and check email...hopefully not while you are driving!

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