Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Success Tip- Learn How to Stay Balanced From A High Flying Widow

Want more success?

Do something that you are afraid of.

Not something stupid. Do something to strech you past your comfort zone.

Today The Los Angeles Times an article about Jeannie Schultz the widow of Peanut's creator Charles Schultz. She is woman with a terrible fear of heights. Instead of crumbling under her phobia, she "knew to put fear in it's place."

She is a serious student of...the trapeze. She began the lessons in order to handle her anxiety of being above ground.

Although she had now business training, she is now running the $35 million a year cartoon empire. And she is doing a damn good job, thank you very much, Learning to put her anxiety behind her has served her well.

What would you do if fear didn’t stop you?
Take a small step to get outside your comfort zone…and let me know how it was for you!

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Anonymous said...

I quit smoking! How is that for being outside your comfort level? I am on Day 8 with (thank god!) the patch. After smoking for 22 years, yes that was 22 years!! I have been smoke free and even after talking myself "off the ledge" on Friday for some irritating thing John did, I still didn't smoke. I have also shaved my commute time by 5 minutes. Thanks Eli, you are an inspiration

Steven B