Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Success Tip- Overcoming Loss

Can you believe I am on a national radio show? With some of the top sports figures in the nation? Geez, what an honor.

On today's radio show www.headgamesradio.com we discussed how to come back from losing. Having lost my marriage, business and health in an 18 month period, I shared how devastating it was. My friends, mentors and spiritual life got me through a time I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

It sucked no question.
What happened is that I looked at all the bad choices I had made along the way that landed me in the loser lane. I had a husband that was unfaithful. How had I been unfaithful to my self? I found out that I needed to be far more faithful to my own needs. Following my heart has lead to my current life.

Even if it sucks, you can learn from it.

You can get strong in the broken places.

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