Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Fabulous Five

Ohh My Gosh!!! What an AMAZING group! The mind, body,and spirit network in Orange County was amazing and inspiring. The greatest news for me is I got to meet the FAB Five! These are the first five people to pre-order my book, FUNKY TO FABULOUS: Less Stress and More Success for the Savvy, Sassy, and Swamped. Is it Odd or is it God that the very first person to purchase the book was Mr. Fabulous! No, I mean his name really is Mr. Fabulous.

Here are the Fabulous Five:

Mr. Fabulous!

Thanks again to Michael, Teri, Rick, Debby, and Diana. You guys are Fabulous!


Diana said...

It was fabulous being able to reserve your book in advance, and your talk was fabulous, and my funky is getting ready to flee now that I'm joining your coaching group. Yay!!

Cool pictures, by the way.

Funky to Fabulous said...

Dear Diana,
It is great to have you in our group!!!!

YOU rock!