Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stress Tip- The Inner Glass Ceiling

Are you underearning? If so, I bet it's because you have an Inner Glass Ceiling.
Have you ever signed a contract and regretted it? Are you terrified to ask for a raise? Do you think that you should set your prices low, low, low so everyone will be able to afford what you are selling.

STOP IT! It's undermining you. It is the reason so many women are underearning.

In coaching I find that woman after woman is afraid to ask for the money that they deserve. Me included. "If I am successful, I'll be alone." is the bottom line of what many a woman fears.

It is such a privilege to coach women to ask for and earn what they are worth. Two coaching clients in the Midwest have significant increases in their income this month alone.

Today was a day that I needed to get some added support for myself.

I was quaking in my boots this morning as I screwed up my courage to pass on a TV Deal Memo that was a rip off. It has taken me months to be able to get up the courage to walk away from something that I know that I would regret. Saying no to a big wig Hollywood producer wasn't something that I was comfortable doing. I followed up on yesterday's blog and called 2 friends. Within the hour I was able to stand up for what I was worth.

So, if you have a challenge asking for what you want or what you are worth get a support team to help you. Your freinds can help you stand up and get paid.

There is a great book by a fellow Kansas City gal Barbara Stanny does excellent work on the subject of underearning.


Anonymous said...

Success is a tricky word. I think that it is defind by each individual. I think you should never be unhappy or unbalanced to get success. To me, that's not being successful.

Funky to Fabulous said...

How wise you are!