Thursday, July 20, 2006

Savvy Success Tip- What To Do During Downsizing

Hollywood is shrinking. And people are scared. Working with some of the top women in the entertainment industry, I am getting to see what this looks like behind the scenes.

In an world of bravado even the most powerful people in the entertainment industry are afraid for their jobs.

What to do? When the going gets tough, the tough get clear. Clear about what they want. Then they claim it. Then they take actions toward it. I believe that we as women business owners are bringing a new paradigm into the workplace. When you get really clear about what you want to create and take action steps, you ATTRACT the result you are after.

I have a coaching client that is an independent producer. It took months for her to find her current job. After doing her FAB 50 Post It exercise she got 2 job offers in a week. What is so interesting is that last week she said she wanted 'two pitch meetings'. She got 4 pitch meetings. But will a meeting pay her bills? Heck no.

Try it yourself and let me know.

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