Friday, August 04, 2006

You Are A Woman Business Owner...Whether You Know It Or Not

Did you know that you are a business owner.
Whether you have employees or not....whether you have a business card or not.
Claim your value.

I am in the midst of throwing a Brazilian Birthday Bash on August 12th. (It's my 29th birthday. I like that number and I'm sticking with it.) Ordering the food, tables, linens, and hooch I realized that this was a project just like the ones I tackle in my business. Do you wonder if you have the skills to go back to the work force? Stop wondering. You never left the work force!

Many women who stay at home don't realize that they are the 'purchasing agent' for their family. Over and over I see women not standing up for all the value they give.

So, even if you are back from the 14th errand of the day...You My Dear…………are a WOMAN BUSINES OWNER


Natalie said...

I don't know you but Happy Birthday!!

Funky to Fabulous said...

Hey Natalie,
Many thanks for stopping by! So you are in a marching band and love Chic FilA.

You are one SAVVY young woman...If you are SWAMPED in High School I can sure relate!

YouKnowWho said...

Hello from Europe!

Funky to Fabulous said...

Hey There,
Where in Europe? Where ever you are...please have a good cup of coffee at a cafe for me!