Thursday, October 26, 2006

Doing Good Leads to Feeling Good

In the midst of all the craziness caused by the fire in my home, I realized that I hadn't made time for things that are important. (Like getting to the bank...) And also the importance of giving to others. Last night I had a dinner with Troy Mikulka who does a great deal for the Free Wheelchair Mission. which provides wheelchairs for those in need in third world countries.

More and more studies show how important volunteering is. A recent study in Scotland is heralding the effects of being of service.

The impact on the volunteers is extraordinarily positive. A cool 100% of the full time volunteers with the ProjectScotland mission said that felt more confident after volunteering. It is more evidence that serving others changes genuinely the way people feel about themselves and allows them to alter the course of their lives.

So next weekend my staff and I will be collecting items to send to the folks affected by Katrina. It will be a great way to give back and give thanks that I still have a home.

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