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As we are in the final days of 2006, let's go back and take a look at the celebrity's who stood out...

Funky to Fabulous…Who Made the Cut?!?!
Top Ten Winners and Whiners of 2006


”Liars!!! They’re EVERYWHERE!!! Let Oprah tell you! James Frey’s best-selling memoir about substance abuse, “A Million Little Pieces” was just that, a bag of lies. Although Oprah defended his book, when she learned the truth she publicly apologized… It’s alright Oprah; the best of us have been lied to too!!!”

Jennifer Aniston
“Who says life without Brad Pitt isn’t just as Fab? Ms. Aniston isn’t complaining one bit! Just ask the handsome Vince Vaughn, life is A-Ok!

Jennifer Lopez
“WOW, it is REALLY possible! She’s the proof! Jennifer Lopez is STILL married and has managed to lay low on the gossip mill! Good job Jen, we knew you could do it!”

“Major Kudos to Mrs. Madonna…When she couldn’t have a baby she did the next best thing…ADOPTION!!! Keep up the good work!”

Reese Witherspoon
“One cheating, philandering, two-timing hubby doesn’t stop the show! Why stick around if he played you? Let Reese tell you! Goodbye Ryan, Goodbye!!!!!”

Nancy Pelosi
“Against the odds, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shows us that a woman is capable and able of maintaining a role of leadership status. You go girl!”

Darryl Hannah
“YES. Jail! Actress Darryl Hannah was arrested June 13, 2006 along with 16 other protestors in Los Angeles's South Central Urban Garden. She spent 23 days sitting in a large walnut tree 40 feet above the ground. When you are committed to what you love, you will do almost anything. Darryl Hannah gets major props for her commitment to the environment.

Justine Simmons
“Keep your head up Justine. Despite publicly letting America into her home, raising five children and being happily married to Joseph Simmon saka Rev.Run of Run DMC, Justine has managed to stay positive and continue to enjoy life after losing her newborn baby.

Kelly Ripa
“Kelly you did NOTHING WRONG! Rosie O’ Donnell blew your comment to Clay Aiken out of proportion; his hand had no business in your face period! That’s right girl, maintain your integrity and stand your ground!

Janet Jackson
“When I grown up I want to look just like Janet! Congratulations on the brand new album ’20 Y.O. , give us another 20 years! 40 never looked better!


Scary Spice- Melanie Brown
“Are you serious Scary? All of a sudden Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice is dating and is pregnant by actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. Has the inked dried on his divorce papers? Gosh!

Angelina Jolie
“WOW. Talk about being the other woman, well you did it Angelina! Not a good look!

Nicole Ritchie
“One word….EAT!”

Brittany Spears
“Please spare us all! The moaning, groaning and complaining about being famous is OLD, you made your bed now lie in it! Besides, no one told you to jeopardize your image and marry K-Fed aka Ex-Fed! Get it together!

Darryl Hannah
“Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…Although the reasons were substantial and positive, 23 days sitting in a tree without a bath spells F-U-N-K-Y!!!”

Katie Holmes
“What were you thinking Katie? Marrying your dad? I mean come on, having a baby by someone your dad’s age! Tom Cruise is old enough to be your father! YUCK!

Naomi Campbell
“Someone missed the toddler phase where they got to throw tantrums and toys in the play pen. We are TIRED of Naomi Campbell punching and throwing items at her employees! Better yet, what are the employees thinking! Stop working for this domestic abuse case!”

Faith Hill
“Ok Faith! We can’t always get what we want, you’re a mommy, you should know this! Going crazy and publicly displaying your anger because you didn’t win a country music award is NOT ACCEPTABLE”,

Shar Jackson
“Something is definitely wrong…What’s the problem? Is there anything we can do? I mean come on, anyone seriously considering taking K-Fed back needs help!”

Rosie O’ Donnell
“Talk about a stretch, I mean Rosie went left field with her public address to Kelly Ripa in regards to the remark Kelly made to Clay Aiken. I guess she thought she was doing something affirmative by ‘standing up for Clay’ when Kelly made the comment about his hand covering her face. Who wants someone’s hand in their face? UGH? And Rosie, truth be told you’re the one who put Clay on blast!


Anonymous said...

Too bad your opinion of the Kelly/Rosie controversy is based on incomplete information. I guess you missed the 10 minute meltdown that Kelly ranted about on the following Regis & Kelly show. That was where Kelly made a complete bitch of herself when she went on and on about it and where she bashed Clay for 10 minutes. He wasn't there to defend himself and Kelly was off the chain. That was on Monday, on Tuesday Rosie ripped her a new one for THAT tirade, not for her one remark that she made on the Friday show when Clay co-hosted. If you didn't witness her tirade, you don't know the full story and shouldn't be editorializing about it.

Kelly was wrong, Rosie should have kept Clay out of her beef with Kelly. The only one that showed any dignity was Clay because all he did was make a joke that Kelly got all huffy about. He meant no harm, she just had a Diva reaction. Undeservedly, I might add.

Anonymous said...

chexxxy- you are so right. rosie did clay no favors by what she said. with a friend like her who needs enemies??? kelly 'ripped' on clay on monday because she read the scathing reviews over the weekend of her actions on friday. i guess she needed to try to 'defend' herself. she wasn't afraid of 'germs'-she was upset she was SHUT UP but a guy!!! but regis did that to her several times; and so did simon cowell-of all people! she even did it to regis before. she even licked howie mandell's personal door-knob opener-how disrespectful was that????? monday's reviews were even worse. clay came out of this smelling like a rose -to most people. of course there are still those people who will never see clay for what he really is;an incredible vocalist, humanitarian, first-rate wit and comic and all-around nice guy. why do some people see that as a bad thing??

Funky to Fabulous said...

So do you think that Rosie was the FUNKY one in all this???