Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Funky Facts for Fabulous Dating

Hello Girls!

Last week I was driving home from work and heard an interesting statistic on the's amazing what you here on the air these days. Both, the statistic and the subject matter were curious to me. Gary Spears from KBIG 104.3 asked women whether they would go on a second date with a man if he wore a bowtie on the first. Out of all the single women in LA, 27% said they would not go on a second date with a guy if he wore a bowtie on the first. come my two questions: Who wears bowties on dates? and only 27%? Either we are getting desperate in the LA area or I'm just not seeing the charm of the bowtie. I can understand wearing a bowtie for a wedding or the occasional ball....but how often does one go to weddings or balls? The way I see it, if you are going on a fancy date to a fancy restaurant, a tie would be super sexy and elegant. In order to sport a bowtie, the man would simply have to be Brad Pitt or close to him. Boys, unless you are sure 100000000000000% that you can pull off a bowtie....just don't do it. It's very rare or "iffy" as Eli puts it, that a man will be able to impress a woman with a bowtie these days. Just a heads up for the men out there.

Personally, I would find it strange if my date wore a bowtie...unless it was to a wedding...and first dates usually don't happen at weddings. I would always prefer a regular tie over a bowtie.

I asked the girls at the office about this statistic and everyone agreed that it would be a risque move to wear a bowtie on the first date unless you are super charismatic, charming, funny, and other words: PERFECT.

Other turnoffs around the office: raggedy shoes, wife beaters, old clothing, home clothes, hat hair, vests.

What turns you off? how do you feel about the bowtie? Also, what turns a man off on the first date? Let us know what you think...I'd love to know your opinion.



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Anonymous said...

i would like to add the following ripped jeans, plain black tees, old sneakers, too much jewelry, too strong of a cologne scent, i just woke up hair, dirty nails, spending too much time on ones cell phone, loafers, flip flops not in summer, skinny jeans, plaid shirts, waxed eyebrows that look better shaped than mine, too tight of a button down shirt, chain hanging from front pocket of jeans to back,