Friday, February 23, 2007

Funky First Dates

Ok, so I know we've all had them....awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing first dates. Although I understand that not everyone clicks on a first date and sometimes there's just no chemistry between people no matter how hard you try, there are some things to avoid when trying to impress your date. To avoid Funky dating, the F2F team has compiled a list of their most awful dating experiences. While there are exceptions to the rule, here are some turnoffs that we could recall:

* DON'T blow your nose at the dinner table especially with the cloth napkin intended for your lap.

* DON'T pick at your date's food without offering some of your own food.

* DON'T try to show off your car by making the girl walk to it in order to get the flowers you got her with the excuse "I'm not
one for carrying flowers."

* DON'T be sloppy when eating

* DON'T grab your date's leftovers on a first date.

* DON'T ask your date to chip in unless she offers, it's your choice to accept or deny but you should never ask your date to pay...ever.

* DON'T ask your date to buy you drinks, popcorn,..or anything unless they offer.

* DON'T talk about EXES unless they specifically ask.

* DON'T...EVER be rude to the waiter/staff.

* DON'T answer phone calls/texts during dinner unless it's an emergency.

* DON'T try to hold hands unlness you're absolutely sure that the feeling is mutual.

* DON'T sit right next to your date at's kind of weird. Much safer to just sit across on first dates. It may also seem
like you're trying really hard to get physical rather than just trying to get to know someone.

* DON'T ask really intimate questions unless you're on the subject and the mood is right.

* DON'T be too touchy can make us uncomfortable. Keep some distance.

* DO make sure you have money to spend....declined credit cards and forgotten wallets are awkward and embarassing.

* DO make eyecontact, it makes us feel like you're listening and interested in what we're saying..big plus.

* DO let the woman order first...we like that.

*** When dating, always keep in mind: treat your date the way you would want to be treated in the same situaton. Think before you act because first dates are crucial to getting second dates. Afterall, first impressions matter ALOT when it comes to dating.

What are your funkiest dating experiences? Let us know!

Goodluck out there and have a Fabulous weekend,


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eli said...

aren't you guys the grooviest!!!! how great that F2F has dating tips