Thursday, March 29, 2007

5 Steps in 5 Weeks to a Fab You

TLC DIET (The Low Criticism Diet)

Studies show that taking a small step is the best way to make the lasting lifestyle change. Self criticism is a key component in why people don’t stay on their diet programs. Cut out the self nagging and watch the pounds melt off!

1. Get REAL

Set a realistic goal. Forget trying to have arms like Madonna by July 4th. Instead set a small goal you are confident in achieving. Enjoying success with smaller goals that will help you build the momentum to make lasting changes.

2. Grab a Pal

Make weight loss a friendship gain. Studies show that pursuing a goal with a friend makes succeeding more than 40% more likely. Sign up for fun things to do like Belly Dancing, Yoga or even Salsa Dancing. You’ll learn new moves while getting into shape!

3. Sit Down

Yep. Put your seat into the chair-every time you eat. Sitting at your dining room table is one of the fastest ways to stop the snacking that packs on the pounds.

4. TLC The Low Criticism Diet

You’re fabulous. Period. Enough Said! Now, start a diet from fault finding and negative thinking. Complement yourself and others. Often. Love yourself for being you.

5. Pamper Power

Don’t let all of your hard work go unnoticed! Reward yourself with a pat on the back for your accomplishments! Treat yourself to a manicure, the spa, or even a shopping day!


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