Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ask For More Money, Honey

Working with clients yesterday I wanted to explode.

Woman after woman was struggling with the same problem. Each wonderful woman was undervaluing herself and earning far less than she was worth. When I heard, "My boss makes $22,000 and I make $6,000 providing the same service." I wanted to scream..."Stop the insanity!"

More often than not women are afraid to ask for what they want or need. Many women were trained to be liked. Asking for a raise isn't going to win a popularity contest. So many women don't bother. Small business owners keep their prices the same for a decade.

Asking for what you are worth may take some practice. However, I see in my coaching that sometimes the fastest way to double your income is to simply...ask for more money.

FAB Tips
Practice asking for what you want. Yep, restaurants are a great place to start with this. If you want dressing on the side...make sure that is where it arrives.

Ask a loved one for what you want. For some gals it's a stretch to ask someone to bring you a book or cook dinner.

If you are under earning, ask yourself what advice you would give a family member that wasn't being paid what they were worth...and then follow that advice.

Ask yourself, “What is one thing you would like to do, be or have today." Is it a walk around the park, an ice cream, some time sitting in your garden reading? Give yourself that gift.

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