Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello everyone,

we here at Team Fabulous try to write about a wide range of topics for everyone's enjoyment. We try to capture everything from success strategies to healthy lifestyles to emotional wholesomeness. Today I will address tanning. Please protect your skin when out in the sun. Even though it might be 70 degrees at the beach, do not lay out by the water without any protection. The sunlight in California can be very dangerous. I was out yesterday enjoying the beautiful weather without any sunblock, by nighttime, I was as red as a cooked lobster. I thought, "hey, I look good with a tan," many people do, but even when tanning, you need some kind of protection.

I am currently in pain and agony because I cannot lay on my back...but I will never go out soaking up the sun without protection EVER again. Have respect for your body. Do not abuse it. Wear sunscreen. You will not regret it in 20 years.

Yours Truly,

Team Fabulous

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