Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mayor Villaraigosa's Romantic Life on Blast, Funky or Fabulous?

Mayor Villaraigosa's affair with reporter Mirthala Salinas is definately FUNKY, but should it be exposed, judged, and debated publicly? While political figures should serve as role models for the rest of us because they are our leaders, do we expect them to be perfect and flawless? Should we have the right to meddle in their personal lives? Is it any of our business?

Let us know what you think! I heard a debate on the radio some weeks ago and became interested in how the public is feeling about this whole affair. I'm not even sure about how I feel. Salinas will most likely lose her job because she is a risk for the network but does her occupation necessarily need to be affected by her personal life and personal choices? It's sad, immoral, and unfortunate for Villaraigosa's wife and family, but whose business is it anyway?

Should the affair be publicized? FUNKY or FABULOUS?

Let us know what you think. Thanks,

Team Fabulous

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