Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is Your Marriage Killing You?

Stop the insanity!!!
As a coach to many a high flying C level executive woman, I am seeing a very disturbing trend. Women are working insane hours with the man at home "doing all the child care".

Recently, I had lunch with a well known female attorney. She made the money. He was in charge of the house. Except, he had a maid, a gardener...and she ended up doing most of the cooking. More and more women are burning themselves into a crisp trying to be superwoman. It was astonishing to me that even though they were in a financial crunch, as a couple they never dreamed of him finding a job.

What is up with these Himbo's? Do you have a Himbo story? Do tell

Take time to set up clear boundaries. If you make more moolah than your spouse make sure that you are getting the down time you need.

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