Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Don’t Make The Same Old Mistakes..November is Goals Month

Don’t Make The Same Old Mistakes In 2008
How has this year gone so far? Is there a dream that you would like to give thanks for coming into your life this time next year? Contrary to most, I firmly believe that Thanksgiving is the best time to make your goals for next year. By New Years you are exhausted and guilty over all those glasses of eggnog and sugar cookies you ate.

When you look at your goals as to what would make you most grateful, you have a better shot at making it a heartfelt dream…instead of a internal obligation.

I just shot an episode of Making It!. In a previous show, Jack Canfield shared that even writing a goal down and putting it in a drawer gives you a 30 % better chance to achieve it. At my last birthday I wrote down – goals and put them in a dish. I looked at them once or twice during the year, more than half of them have become already become real.

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