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News from Eli Davidson November 2007

News from Eli Davidson November 2007


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How Has This Year Gone?

Is there a dream that you would like to give thanks to, for coming into your life this time next year? Contrary to most, I firmly believe that Thanksgiving is the best time to make your goals for next year. By New Years you are exhausted and guilty over all those glasses of eggnog and sugar cookies you ate.When you look at next years goals with the focus of what would make you most grateful, you have a better shot at making it a heartfelt dream, instead of another obligation.


Plant Your Dream

Mail us a list of dreams, goals that you want to be true for Thanksgiving 2008. Keep a copy for yourself- so you can see your progress. Please include a self addressed envelope for us to send them back to you for Thanksgiving season of 2008. Over this coming year use our community of CLUB FABULOUS to get support along the way.

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Barnes and Noble Best Seller!

Aren't you the savvy trend spotter! You spotted 'the new voice in personal growth'! Funky to Fabulous has overcome incredible odds to become a Self Improvement bestseller in Barnes and Noble. (I just about fell over when I saw this!) Do you know someone that has a dream? Do you face a big challenge? Having overcome some big challenges, I have hands on tools to help you. Just ask me a question so we can get started.

Gather the Harvest

Give yourself an Insurance Policy for your goals. Once you write them
down, share them with a team. Are there holes or gaps in your road


The holiday's are just around the corner, why not get an early start and make your holiday shopping a little easier. Visit to order your copy of Funky to Fabulous today! I'd love to personally autograph your copy!
Thank you everyone for your continuous support! Please share this email with 5 friends and start your success team today!
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