Saturday, December 15, 2007

Want A Good Read?

As someone that visits the local library every Friday, and then Barnes & Noble every Sunday, I tend to read a lot. Many "self-help" books that I'm currently reading, are, well...a little dry.Sure, there full of information, but they don't deliver in a fun and personal way that your book, Funky to Fabulous does.

When I brought the bright pink, blue, yellow and green book home, my husband automatically thought it was another "Take time for yourself and have more fun!" books. But, you help us to find out who we are, you teaches us how to listen to our body, and you do it in a full-on, fun experience.I also had the wonderful opportunity to see you speak in person at the eWomen Network meeting in Irvine.

You were engaging, and had us up and out of our seats actually doing some of the practices.We felt that we had a coaching session by the end of your "talk" instead of just being talked at. Truly Fabulous!
Truly Fabulous!Rachel Pradhan

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