Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Management Tip: BNTE Mariel Hemingway and YOU!

This month's Better Homes and Gardens features one of my Tips in 29 Ways to Say I Love You. (If you have coached with me you will definitely know which tip came from me.) Thank goodness they have their own spell checker!

Over the weekend I was at a conference and got an opportunity to speak for a large corporation. This came from guy who is now a big wig at an insurance company. He never forgot that I was nice to him when he was a receptionist ten years ago. BNTE is a top management tool used by billionaires like Kirk Kekorian I was working with a top political consultant who is on first name basis with "Kirk." What is BNTE? Be Nice To Everybody.

And what better day to Be Nice To Everybody? VALENTINES DAY.
For the first time in US history there are more singles than couples. So have some compassion on what I call Singles Awareness Day. It's a great time to give love rather than looking at what you don't have. And that goes for whether you are single or married.

Mariel Hemingway and I Speaking
BNTE, Valentine's Day and YOU! I just got off the phone and heard that that Mariel Hemingway and I will be the speaking Friday, February 8th. The event is free to the public. So If you are in Los Angeles...mark your calendars! There will be a great Valentine's mixer afterwards....so stay tuned for more details. It is hosted by the coolest store in Santa Monica- Hey, Kookla.

Friday, February 8th 5:00 to 7:00
Funky to Fabulous: From the Inside Out
Hey Kookla. 1329 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403

If your organization is looking for a fresh, energetic FABULOUS speaker, please call our office.

Take a few minutes today to BNTE.
Make sure that you spend a wee bit of time with the person that you ususally brush past. Pay extra attention to that customer or team member that isn't your favorite.
And please...remember to Be Nice To YOU!

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