Monday, January 28, 2008

Speed Kills...CALM

Spelling was never my strong suit. However, last week's newsletter made my failing evident to many of my wonderful readers. My misspelling illustrated how "speed kills". Blasting through my day, getting ready for meetings and speaking at a conference meant that I multi-task like the best of them. And it isn't the most effective way to use my time. If I had slowed down when I proofed my newsletter, I might have caught the mistake.

In the realm of Funky to Fabulous, I am looking for the good in my spelling flub.

2008 Revolution: SLOW
You may be like me and make mistakes when you are blasting and multi-tasking through your day and through your communications. Instead of picking up a phone do you IM information? Here are a few ways to SLOW down. Many of the miscommunications that I see in organizations happen because teams are rushing to get onto "the next thing" rather than paying attention to "the right thing".

Get the paper off your desk. Just like our pal David Allen says, put paper in your inbox so that you won't be tempted to multi-task.
Breathe. Take a deep breath. Watching your breathing is a natural way to slow down.

CALM. Here's a great Neuro Linguistic Programming technique to do in the middle of a very hectic day. Imagine writing the word CALM on your forehead. When I take the time to be CALM watch how much more you can accomplish!

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