Friday, May 23, 2008

A Testimonial

Here are just a couple of tools Patrick (a 23 year old) put into practice after coming to one of my recent talks----

-"Whenever I'm feeling a bit sluggish, or stuck.....I'll stand up, and literally look up, start marching around my work station and chanting
"fabulous" out loud or in my head.

-Also, everyday...I'll write down 2 or 3 simple tasks that relate to my grand goal of becoming a professional musician and artist.

Here's a quick example.....

-Sometimes when I start projects, I feel intimidated by the workload involved..But when I take it step by step, (First I'll start drawing the head, then draw the torso, etc.) it makes the process not only manageable, but
FUN too! "

Thanks again Eli, you rock. Seriously, you rock.

Patrick Becknell
Musician/Graphic Artist/Environmental Activist
Shine Tribe Entertainment

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