Monday, June 30, 2008

My Today Show experience

What are the Odds?

My TODAY SHOW experience has lessons to help
you and your friends achieve your goals.

The odds of my being on THE TODAY SHOW were 5 million to 1.
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Why were the odds 5 million to 1?
THE TODAY SHOW is the top rated morning show in
America. The week I
was interviewed Coldplay played.The odds of a self taught (I've never
had a writing class), self published (I have NO experience in
publishing) and self financed (no advance) author without a publicist
are...right next to zero. But it happened anyway.


Don't Give Up

  • I made a commitment to promote the book for 18 months and not give up a day before. THE TODAY SHOW called 6 days before my 18 months were up.

Ask For Help

  • There is NO way I could do this alone. The amazing Team Fabulous pulled off a mammoth feat. My bet is that you have incredible family and friends who want you to succeed. Have the courage to ask.

Don't Give Up

  • Be resourceful. In the midst of the blurr of busy here in NYC: My laptop has died, my Treo has malfunctions, my Internet couldn't connect to any computer in my hotel room...Internet cafe computers crashed etc. This newsletter was lost twice..ugh! (I am now writing from a library!!!).

Ask Again

  • Yep. Asking was magic. I am asking you to share this newsletter with 5 friends. Cheesy...yes. Corny...yes. Effective..yes!

Stay Tuned

  • I kept a video diary of the journey to THE TODAY SHOW I want to share with you next week!

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