Monday, July 14, 2008

Executive Coach on The Today Show Gives 3 Tips To Hiring A Career

1. Experience Not Paper
Hire an expert. Look for a coach that
has changed careers successfully and helped others to change
careers. Coaching is a field where experience is far more
important than a piece of paper. Since there are online coaching
certification programs that "certify" coaches in four hours, you
need to do your due diligence when seeking a coach. Nothing tops
hand's on experience.

2. Talk or Walk
Speak to three of the coaches clients. Be vary
wary of a coach who doesn't have clients who have achieved very
tangible results in their program. Make sure you have a coach
with a track record of success and a good relationship with
current and former clients. A good coach will have raving fans.
If the coach is unwilling or unable to give you phone numbers of
clients who were happy with their results- look for another

3. Timing Is Everything
To get the best coach- be the best
client. Look for a coach when you are genuinely ready to make a
change. Even the best coach won't help you if you aren't willing
to alter your behavior and attitudes. Be ready and willing to
try new approaches.

My clients have a specific action plan that they move forward on
each week. Make sure that you have set aside the time to execute
the action plan to move you into your encore career

Coaching fees vary dramatically. $1000 could buy one month
with a private career coach. It could buy you three months of medium
size group coaching. It could also buy you a year of an online

THANK YOU for this opportunity. If you would be kind enough to
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