Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bod-ese 102

Here is what I am torturing myself over... Do I put this in or leave this out of my upcoming post for The Huffington Post.
My first post took me threeeeeeeeeeeeeee days to write, re-write, edit and tweak. How on Earth will I be able to keep this up???? Hmmm...too much information....Let's see what I end up with..

Here it its:

"There is a burnout epidemic. Simply listening more closely to your body helps you to take better care of you. If you want to know what your body is saying...ask!"

Close your eyes. Now:

1.Feel A Smile Bringer
Now, think of someone, something, or someplace that delights you. Now, feel your body sensations. Do you feel a warmth in your heart? Are you more relaxed, and is your breathing deeper?

2. Feel The Yuck Response.
Now, think of something, somewhere, or something that pisses you off. (Your email inbox, your boss, or your least favorite Republican.) Now, feel your body sensations, Do you feel a sense of uneasiness or coldness?

3. Temperature Check.
Notice the difference. What was the change? It may be subtle. For most folks warmth and ease translate to a “yes” in Bod-ese. Cold and greater tension is a “no” in Bod-ese.

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