Saturday, August 16, 2008

Women's Business Success Tips:

Lessons From the Latvian Beach Volley Ball Team.

As I took a break from writing I watched the Olympic Latvian Beach Volleyball Team (ranked 23rd) beat our American Team (ranked 1st). How did they do it? In the Latvian practice sessions the two players always faced off against six players. Two against six doesn’t seem fair. However, it made the Latvians such superior players that they beat our top ranked team. It was the biggest upset in the history of beach volleyball.

Overcoming the challenges that women face in the work place can make you a stronger player. Focusing on being a victim is never going to make you a winner. What you focus on grows.

Regardless of the gender, the most successful people are those that focus on creating success and problem solving regardless of the obstacles. Sometimes, we feel like it’s two against six. But it will make us winners in the long run.


They Don't Owe You The Corner Office
It's hard to swallow, but you and I are trail blazers. Remember that guys have been in control of the purse strings for thousands of years. Thousands of years. We are putting unrealistic expectations in front of ourselves if we think we are going to get the corner office easily.

Six to Two
Are you willing to go above and beyond what the guys do? Do that and there is no way you will be overlooked. But are you willing to pay that price? I am not sure that I am.

The Latvians Are Coming
Do you approach your career with the commitment of the Olympic Latvian Beach Volleyball?
Are you ready to do three times as much as the men in your office? The Latvians were. That is why they kicked our butts. Since we are now competing in a global economy, we are facing off against Latvians, Bulgarians and other folks that are truly hungry for success. Going above and beyond may make you a better competitor in the coming decade.

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