Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is A ...Nap!

"All I want for Christmas . . . is a nap!" was a card I couldn¹t resist at the local stationery store. It was a card custom made for many a working woman. Around Thanksgiving time you can see the crazed caretaker component of a woman's brain kick into full gear. It sends her careening down the road to make the holidays special, honking at anyone who gets in its way right up to New Year's.

You think you don't give to others first? Close your eyes. Remember how your shoulders felt on, say, December 26, last year. Was "Surviving Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan)" the subtitle to your holiday?

Join the club. I grew up wondering why I saw the men lollygagging around the table and TV, while the ladies labored in the kitchen. I'm still wondering today. The woman of the house scurries around making, serving, and cleaning up after the feast for her clan.

Oh right. That is after she has trudged through the mall and shopped for, wrapped, and sent a mound of gifts. Oh right. That is after she came home from the office and helped the kids with their homework. Oh right. That is after she did the laundry, grocery shopping, and the housework. Oh right. That's after she made her legendary Cinnamon Cake. Sounds crazy? I wonder what another species would say?

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