Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Executive Coach Sees The Death of Hollywood.

Hello Hollywood.

Kiss your BMW good bye.
As an executive coach I see behind the big fancy doors. A MAJOR TV company went from 120 employees to 5. No one knows. Thank goodness. But, it is a sign of what is about to happen.

In 5 years there won't be a movie or TV business in this town. Cut out this post and file it in the "I Told You So" Section. Look at it on May 13, 2014. If I am wrong I will buy you lunch.

Why is Hollywood about to die?
Ad dollars are down. That you know.
There is a bigger problem.Pirates are stealing content. Pirates are stealing profits. Hollywood is doing nothing about it.

There are 100 million users using Bit Torrent technology at over 10,000 sites and downloading CURRENT movies and TV.

You can't make a ring tone (where the music business if forced to find it's profits) from a 2 hour movie. Unless Hollywood slows piracy those executives driving the BMW's will need to find jobs parking them.

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