Thursday, July 09, 2009

Take A Quiz: Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business

Los Angeles has been hard hit by the recession. As a coach I am observing that many of my clients are looking at starting their own business. I believe that entrepreneurship is part of the paradigm shift that is shaking our economy. Owning your own business is not for everyone.

Take the quiz to see if starting a business is the right move for you.
Answer each statement as YES or NO.

1. I am persistent.
2. I need less sleep when I'm interested in a project.
3. When I want something, I keep my goals clearly in mind.
4. I examine mistakes and learn from them.
5. I have new and different ideas.
6. I am adaptable.
7. I see problems as challenges.
8. I'll gamble on a good idea even if it isn't a sure thing.
9. I am intuitive.
10. I can recover from emotional setbacks.
11. I am curious.
12. I’m a positive person.
13. I like to learn new things and explore unfamiliar subjects.
14. I'm willing to make sacrifices to achieve long-term rewards.
15. I tend to rebel against authority.
16. I often enjoy being alone.
17. I have a reputation for being stubborn.
18. I like to be in control.
19. I experiment with new ways to do things.

We will give you the answer to the quiz tomorrow.

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Quizzer said...

Hi all this Business Quiz seems really good just try it and keep me posted