Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To Not Burnout!

Here are a few more tips from my wonderful friend and Huffington Post collegue Jason Mannino on how to NOT BURNOUT!

Create a "not to do" :
list I was recently sharing with my business coach that I sometimes find myself getting caught in the "urgent, not important," task category. These are the items on your calendar or lists that seem urgent, but are not ultimately the most critical. They often distract you from the more important tasks that don't always seem as urgent. One example might be checking e-mail when you should really be making a sales call. My coach offered a simple, yet profound suggestion. He suggested I create a "not to do list." Obviously, this list is made up of items on my "to do" list that are not essential and can perhaps be tagged for a later date. Just thinking about creating my "not to do list" increased my energy.

Dissolve your energy vacuums:
A toleration is anything that you are putting up with on a regular basis either physical, mental, or emotional that vacuums your energy. Perhaps there is a project in your queue that you haven't started because you are feeling overwhelmed (see my article on managing overwhelm), perhaps there is a co-worker who is constantly coming to you to gossip and wastes your time in negative energy. What can you do to dissolve these energy drains? Eliminating gossip may be as simple as communicating to this co-worker that you would prefer not to gossip. In regards to overwhelming projects , begin to take the steps to break them down. Delegate what can be delegated and identify tasks that need to be accomplished and a timeline in which to accomplish them. You may be surprised to see your energy raise simply by addressing the issues."

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