Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Social Media To Increase Business

What are you doing to leverage your next meeting?

Are you using your social media to increase your business?

As a coach I am observing people are leveraging social media to help
them obtain referrals and increase their business. I've talked to many people
utilizing social media to increase their business. Here is a great tip from
Anne Bachrach, a wonderful coach in the financial services industry.
If you like the idea, you may want to include this into your
business to see how it can help you do more business and make more m*o*n*e*y.

Outer Marketing Tip:
A sales executive who is on LinkedIn, found out that a client of his with
whom she was having an upcoming meeting with was also on LinkedIn.
She noticed that this client had a LinkedIn community of approximately
30 or so people. The client came in to meet with the her for their regular
meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, she was prepared to ask for
referrals. She showed the client the LinkedIn community list she took off
the computer and asked her if any of those people would be appropriate to
refer to her.

To net it out, she got about 9 referrals from this idea.

There are many other social media websites (ex. Plaxo,
Facebook, Youtube,Ecademy, Twitter, etc) that you can utilize to take advantage of this simple strategy to obtain even more referrals and get more clients.

Inner Marketing Fab Tip:
Commit to a group that you will reach a specific number of decision makers.
Instead of setting your goal to make 20 calls, set a clear intention to speak
to 6 decision makers.

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