Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still looking for help with your time management skills?

Are you still looking for help with your time management skills? I think we all are! Even as an executive life coach I find myself constantly revamping my time management skills. Here are a few more great tips from fellow Huffington Post blogger Karen Leland, author of Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day.

Think of your brain as a computer hard drive - it can only hold so much memory. When a hard drive reaches it's capacity, it starts to slow down and wonky things happen. (What are your weary wonks? I know we will all get a laugh out of sharing them.) By capturing your open items on a list your brain is freed up to focus on what's in front of you right now. The ideas and to-do items that comprise these lists come from a variety of different sources including:

• Conversations with family, friends and business associates
• Something you read (book, magazine, business brief, research paper etc.)
• Items you receive in the mail (a brochure, invitation, pamphlet etc.)
• Emails
• Classes you take
• Conferences you attend
• Voicemail
• Professional groups you belong to
• Meetings you attend
• Your in-basket
• Your desktop
• Your file drawers
• Your closets, cupboards and cabinets

Just taking the time to capture all the open items in your life and write them down can dramatically improve your ability to focus and get things done.

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