Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Turning Panic Into Happiness

A few days ago I was speaking for an association which is being decimated by outsourcing. Many in the audience had been in Fortune 100 companies for more than 20 years. They were being let go, and their jobs were being taken up in India.

The air was thick with a silent panic of those that wonder how they can reinvent their lives. It is impossible to make a wise decision when you are in panic. It's terror that blinds a person to the infinite possibilities that surround them. I wish that we could pass these incredible tools to each and every human being.

Turning your panic into happiness:

1. Become aware of the panic. Seeing it for what it is without judgment, that it is neither good or bad.

2. Shift your focus away from Yes Sir or Get Out. Normally, when we are panicked, our breathing is shallow and rapid. To help you shift the focus you can bring your breathing down to the belly, away from the panic. Soft belly breathing: breathing deeply all the way in and out, then relaxing and breathing in again slowly, with a soft and relaxed belly.

3. Develop love and compassion by becoming a friend to yourself. Then you can understand that others panic, that every person in every moment, every breath, every thought, every movement, is is looking for happiness - we are no different, we all want the same, we are all part of the big family.

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