Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fabulous Day Tips from Eli Davidson

Here are some surefire tips to help you have a more fabulous and more productive day!

1. Has Perfection-itis Infected Your Day?
Many clients procrastinate on important projects. Why? They are deeply afraid that the completed project will not be good enough. (Studies show that women judge their own work product more harshly than their male colleagues.) Done is better than perfect. My tip with clients is “allow yourself to do a bad first draft.”

2. Show Me The Money!

It is so easy to get kidnapped by email. Do the tasks that make you money first. Give your cash flow your first two hours and your bank account will thank you. Through out the day, remember to give the most important cash flow activities top priority.

3. GPS The Goodie Project System.

Numerous studies show that it is important to reward yourself for completing tasks. My dear friend and Time Management Guru, David Allen, stresses this in all his work. I call it GPS The Goodie Project System Set a specific reward (goodie) for achieving a goal (project) and watch yourself get there faster. I told myself I got to buy my favorite perfume for being 100% on my low carb diet for a week. Not one molecule of bread touched my lips…and boy, do I smell good now!

4. 5 Minutes To Fab.
Studies show that women have a harder time hanging up the phone than men. In order to keep calls shorter, I set a 5 minute timer. I let the person know that I have 5 minutes for the call. When the timer goes off I politely let them know that I need to get off the call.

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