Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take time to play!

The P Word
I saved the word with the worst reputation for last. No the P word doesn't have anything to do with the regions below your belt. The United Nations.... Study found that at the current rate of growth, depression would surpass the common cold as the most prevalent disease on the planet by ----. One reason I see that people are suffering from a lack of play. Give yourself some time each week with an activity that tickles your heart, and watch your stress levels plummet. The focus of my work is assisting people to get out of their own way and allowing their dreams to have their say. One of the most effective tools that I use with my clients is inviting them to p-l-a-y. Play has gotten such a bad rap that sometimes; I have to spend a good bit of time convincing. The glee factor will make it worth it.
Make an appointment to give yourself 15 minutes of play 3 days this week. Isn't it time you got to have recess?

You will probably need to treat it like a meeting or it won't happen.
Dance, sing, conduct, kick leaves (often something that you enjoyed as a child can be very potent).

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