Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enterprising Women: Are You Asking For Help Around The House

The dynamic of shifting gender roles is something I am seeing a great deal in my practice. Many of my clients are high powered women executives who frequently out earn their husbands. Some complain that they are married to a husband that is doing more slaking than baking. When I dive deeper, I find that shared responsibilities are a two way street. Often women pretend guys are psychic.

For women that want more help around the house here are some tips:

Are you speaking up? (Most women could use some help here.)
Are you asking for exactly what you need?
Are you being specific?
Did you spell it out your request clearly?
(Translation: how, what, when, where, why)
Is it written down?
(If it isn't written down there is no way to track it's completion.)
It takes a great deal of superb communication to make reversed gender roles work. My standing ovation if it is working seamlessly for you.

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