Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Don't Women Create More Wealth?

Like many, I am an accidental entrepreneur. As a coach to men and women small business owners, I notice a trend. This doesn't happen with ever client, but it happens frequently.

Women carry a burden that men don't. It isn't children or the life balance mix.

It is self doubt.

Women far more frequently than men judge that they have done a poor job. They are far more critical of job performance. Studies that I reference in my book, Funky to Fabulous, show studies of women's negative focus. A study tracked women's and men's eye movements when they looked at themselves in a mirror.

Men (even those that had little hair and lots of belly) looked at their best features. "Man, I look good!" was the underlying thought. Women (even those with little fat and lots of hair) zeroed in on their flaws. "Boy, does my butt look big." was the subtext.

In order to make more money, women need to tackle the enemy of their negative self worth.
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