Thursday, February 04, 2010

Delegation Tips For Small Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs are in a pickle. Bootstrapping small business owners know that they need to take tasks off their plate. As a coach I find that many entrepreneurs don't have clarity of what and how to delegate.

The If I Want It Done Right I Better Do It Myself Syndrome is particularly prevalent among women business owners. Oprah couldn't have become Oprah without delegating. Martha Stewart uses a small army to make her home look, well, homey. I find that many clents have a tough time delegating. Here are some tips.

Delegation for Small Business Owners
Test the waters. (Delegate a non essential item.)
Write up your project with a very clear objective. (Create a successful outcome.)
Perception Check. (It is essential that the person understands the agreement they have made.)
One of the biggest mistakes in small business delegation is misunderstood end result.
Mistakes happen. (Your support staff won't be perfect. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Help your team to learn how to problem solve.)

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