Monday, April 05, 2010

How To Tell If Starting A Business Is Right For You (Quiz)

How can you reinvent your situation? Do you have the personality and skills to run your own small business. Starting, owning, running and growing a business is not for everyone.

Do you have “a big idea” that you’d love to turn into a business?

Is it right for you?

Here is an eight-point questionnaire. Answer these questions honestly to see if starting your own business would be a good next step for you.

1. Are you happy to take responsibility for every decision you take?
a) Yes, perfectly happy.
b) I’ll employ someone else to make the decisions.
c) I will consult my father who’s an experienced business man.

2. What do you think USP means?
a) Under Selling Performance
b) Unique Selling Point
c) Unique Sales person

3. Why is social networking important to a business?
a) It gives people a chance to relax and chat to their friends.
b) It gives you a chance to get up to date with modern software.
c) It gives you an opportunity to sell your business to a wide range of contacts.

4. What drives you?
a) Passion.
b) The desire for lots of money.
c) My chauffeur will drive me when I’m rich and famous.

5. Are you happy to work with financial figures?
a) No, I’ll be running a business, not an accountants.
b) Yes, these are the lifeblood of the business and I’ll keep a close eye on them.
c) I’ll put the figures in the hands of my accountant.

6. Do you think you will have sufficient motivation?
a) I realise that I have to maintain 100 per cent focus on my business.
b) A few distractions are important to keep me interested in my real life.
c) Motivation is for those business “gurus”. I can’t see the need for worrying about it.

7. Do you want a job or a business?
a) I've been laid off so I need a job.
b) I am hoping to build a business that will carry on after I’ve retired and left it. It might still give me a pension, though!
c) It’s a job first, and a business second.

8. Do you want a business that is risk-free?
a) I’m not really a risk taker, but I suppose I will have to take some risks.
b) I will embrace and understand the risks I’m taking. Without risks you cannot hope to make it big.
c) Yes. I don’t want to get involved in anything risky!

The next post will give you the answers!

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