Monday, February 27, 2006

Success Power Tool:What Woudl Shelly Do?

Today, a former client asked that I attend the Shelly Winter's Memorial Service. I had no idea of her history. Or that she had won two Oscars. a lady. What a life.

She was an inspiration to be fabulous. Why?
Shelly would tell it like it is. She lived out loud. Instead of merely signing autographs, she would invite her fans to sit down and have a sandwich. Instead of merely having a get together she would turn an evening into an Event...and make it a fund raiser for The Jewish Red Cross.

James Mangold who directed Walk the Line told one of the day's best stories. (It was one of my favorite movies this year so I'm so glad it just just won a Golden Globe) Shelly was in his first movie. She had pissed off her unknown co-star when he claimed to be as good as Marlon Brando.
Shelly told him, "Don't ruin my scene, you amatuer."
(Little did the cocky actor know that Marlon Brando was one of her best freinds). The young actor told him that was would quit. James wondered if he would be able to finish his film. Shelly saved the day. She called everyone in the entire crew into a bar.
She stood on top of a pool table she told every grip and PA that she had mouthed off to James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Gene Hackman, Robert DiNiro. Instead of being pissed off the young actor should be honored to be in such company. Her pool table speech saved the day and his career.

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