Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Success Tip- A+R=O

What a great exeprience to talk with Jack Canfield, one of the top selling author's in the world! He bought up some interesting points that I want to share about.
A (Action) + R (Reaction) = O (Outcome)

So often we blame the Outcome (lousy job, not being able to zip up the fat pants, no date on Saturday nite...or any nite for that matter)

Instead of looking at our A's and R's. What the actions and reactions that got us there? What are the actions or reacions that we can do something about?

I have been looking at an "Book Butt". My backside is bigger than it has been in a decade. I've been writing and eating chocolate instead of hitting the gym. So, I am looking at changing my A and my R and I bet my Book Butt will follow!

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