Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Happy = More Money

My mission help folks “Get out of the way and let their dreams have a say.” Often folks are afraid of asking for what they are worth. To make matters worse they don’t give themselves time to enjoy their lives.. I believe it creates inner “glass ceiling” that keeps them under earning. Money can’t buy happiness. Yet, happy people consistently make more money.

Time and time again I see coaching clients earnings go up as they have more fun. They are astonished. And puzzled. I explain my theory of More Happy = More Income. Now, science is backing me up. Happy people make more dough. University of Illionois Professor Ed Diener and did a study measured the happiness of thousands of college students nationwide in the 1970s and then checked back with them in the '90s. What was being happy worth? When everything else averaged out. $15,000 a year more on average when everything else is equal.

FAB TIP: Studies show that happiness leads to successful outcomes rather than following them. What is something you can do this week for the sheer fun of it? Take a samba class? Celebrate the Italian World Cup victory? Go to a toy store and buy some jacks?

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