Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Savvy Business Owner's Dilema: Firing A New Hire

Firing someone is one of my least favorite jobs.

However, I have learned the hard way it's better to let someone go quickly if they aren't performing. The new hire was almost an hour late. This was the second red flag in a week, and I needed to let her go. It was all the more hard because she had such rave reviews from her last employer.

I let her know that being an hour late doesn't work for our organization. I also let her know that I valued who she is as a person. Just because this job didn't work out it didn't mean that she wouldn't find a job that was a better fit.

If you don't own a business...is there someone in your life that is tearing you down,telling you that you aren't any good...or you are a loser. FIRE THEM BABY. You are fab and don't need to Toxic People around you.

Here is a resource on the bases that you need to cover in firing someone.


Since it's tough on all concerned, here is a link on some new research on being happy anyway.



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