Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Success Lessons from Celebrities

You can get some incredible tips on how to build your business from....celebrities. I have been fortunate to work with her trainer so let's start with MADONNA.

Lesson One: Madonna
As a success coach working in Hollywood, I have clients that have worked with her closely. It's easy to see that she is a master of REINVENTION. Blonde, brunette, red willing to experiment with putting yourself in new arenas.

She goes for it. Full out. "If someone claims that they created Madonna's great body they are lying." Madonna works at it. HARD. She's the one that’s responsible."

Something you may not know.. AND the most important lesson...SHE DOESN'T SETTLE. Whether it's the horse she rides in an interview with David Letterman or the bicycle she rides, she doesn't short change herself.

As a coach I see women being afraid of asking for what they want as one of the biggest areas that they sabotage themselves. There was an excellent article at about Career Lessons from Celebrity Women by Susan Aaron. In addition to writing, Susan makes art using chicken bones.

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