Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Success And The Burnt Cupcakes

Building a business is a lot like throwing a party. Yep, turning 29...yet again taught me so much.

I suck at cooking and pretty much anything related to food...except eating. My NBF (New Best Friend) Jone Novek is a well know food expert. She came all the way from Phoenix Arizona two days early to run the party.

Lesson:Are there parts of your business that you are trying to do on your own and struggling with? Ask, ask, ask for others to share their talents.

I got the best birthday present...ever. My BFFE (Best Friend For Ever) who you've heard me talk about before the amazing Barbara Holden. Barbara aka.Boo Boo flew in from Austin, Texas to surprise me. There I am mascara running down my checks just as they brought out the cupcakes. The candles burnt so long the frosting seemed to start to catch on fire.

We have spent the last two days having an Adventure-A-Thon. We explored art galleries, ate amazing food and did some shopping http://blogging.la/archives/2005/12/mall_avoidance.phtml. I love Realm and Munky King. This is a cool blog for other tips.
Lesson: Be open to receive your Good!

The most amazing experience of the day was stopping in a wacked out storefront that caught our eye. It turned out to be an artist/ designer of Tony Duquette-esqe http://www.tonyduquette.com/ proportions.

Levon is an artist www.levonVIII.com.he makes couture gowns, furniture, paintings and his friend Nick makes some damn fine Armenian coffee. He looked at Boo Boo and said...I will make a dress for you. It's my gift. You are my new friends. Within seconds he had her draped in pink fabric snipping with huge scissors.
Not following our instincts would have robbed ourselves of a once in a life time experience.
Lesson: Follow your gut...even if it seems unreasonable.

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